At DUCASI, we have been producing dried and original natural casings from premium pig, sheep and beef intestine for over 70 years. We still do this in a traditional and sustainable manner.

We are convinced that natural casings are an absolute must to obtain a high-quality end product.

Thanks to our wealth of experience and unique know-how, we succeed in making casings for all kinds of sausages, in different shapes, sizes and lengths.

We keep full control of the production process and the raw materials, to guarantee the highest quality standards.

At DUCASI, we pride ourselves on our values. We purposefully take a sustainable approach to this natural product. In addition, our unique production process leaves margin for creative thinking and tailor-made solutions, always working in an authentic and traditional way.

We have always taken quality very seriously and all our products are perfectly traceable as a result. An approach that is appreciated the world over.