Butcher Emile Bleijenberg is not pleased with the quality and limitations of natural intestines as a “casing” for salami and sausages. He devises a unique production process to “glue” left-over sheep and pork intestines and produce dried casings in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

He sells his butcher’s shop, setting up a factory in Antwerp on 14 April 1947 together with his business partner Charles Adriaensens. They name the company Durex. Soon they start exporting their products to other European countries, including France, Italy and Germany.

Early 1970s

The production plant is relocated from Belgium to Hungary.

End of the 1970s

Emile’s business partner Charles decides to sell his shares. Emile worries that half of his company is at risk of falling into foreign hands, until the anonymous buyer turns out to be none other than his daughter Hilda Bleijenberg and Jacques Damman. A satisfied Emile promptly donates his shares to Hilda and Jacques.

It is now up to the second generation to further expand Durex. An architect, Jacques already had an eye for detail and structure and he is passionate about maintaining this quality in this new challenge.


Besides Hungary, the company establishes a production plant in Gaoling (China).


On 1 October, the third generation takes over the helm, with Marie-Hélène Damman joining the Durex team.


The Durex HQ relocates from Borsbeek near Antwerp to a business park in Temse, where it is still located today


The Hungarian production plant is closed down. A new “purpose-built” production plant is commissioned in Gu’an (China), in accordance with the applicable European standards.


José Manuel Gonzalez Guerrero, Marie-Hélène Damman’s husband, joins the Durex team.


Ever the specialist, Durex closely monitors the latest trends, adding “tubed” casings to its product range.


Besides Gu’an, a production plant for tubed casings is commissioned in Sungping (China).


Durex prepares for the future. With a new name - DUCASI - and the slogan “CONSCIOUSLY NATURAL", the company expresses its 100% commitment to production and distribution throughout Europe of premium quality natural products.